Open Terminal Here in Ubuntu

Open Terminal HereOpen Terminal Here. is A very popular and handy little tip to add “Open Terminal Here” to the right click menu in Nautilus. Ever need to edit a file that you just found in Nautilus only to find that its locked and you need sudo permissions to edit it, or even wish to change some permissions for a particular file while in Nautilus, now you can do this easier, from the right click menu you can open the Terminal and its already changed to that directory. This will make life much easier on the new Linux user that is not familiar with the file system and help to simplify things when it is necessary to modify something with the Terminal.

This will help you get started and on your way with using the terminal.

1. Open the Terminal

Pressing (CTRL+ALT+t) will open a new terminal.


2. Nautilus Addon.

Download and install the addon.

$ sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal

3. Restart Nautilus.

You must restart Nautilus before the changes will take effect.

$ nautilus -q

4. Open Nautilus

Right click in the window or on a folder, you will now see “Open in terminal” has been added to the menu.

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  • Geoffrey King

    works perfectly in 12.04

  • Melbin Mathew Antony

    Thanks Man..

  • Iknowit


    • Milind Padalkar

      Could you please elaborate about this setting, maybe with an example?

  • Naina

    Thanks so much for this post! Mine wasn’t working because I didn’t know I had to run “nautilus -q”. Saw your post and tried it… works perfectly!

  • Milind Padalkar

    Very very helpful! Thanks for sharing Miles!

  • lee jun-hoe

    Thanks! Worked perfectly for me. I wonder why this features was removed in Ubuntu 12 ..

  • Sumit

    This is working BUT once I exit from current Terminal window, I am no longer being able to see the File > Open New Terminal tab. Is this usual? If ‘not’ do you have any solution for this?

    In ubuntu 12.04 whatever I open, it automatically gets added in the launcher, from there we can lock the software for lateral use. But for ‘Terminal’ it’s not happening. Later I could find this is a existing bug in Ubuntu 12.04, for which fix has already been released. Could you please let me know how can I execute that fix in my existing system ?

    I would also be grateful if you can update me about some alternatives to open terminal easily.

    Thanks in Adv.

  • Sumit

    I could open terminal by right clicking on desktop. It’s working Thanks a lot for posting this article.
    Anyways, I would be happy if you answer the other issue – “Adding terminal in launcher”


    • DistroGeeks

      in Ubuntu by default you can easily open a fresh terminal by using the keyboard short cut by simply pressing (CTRL+ALT+t) at the same time. so there is really no need for a short cut in the launcher, allowing more space for other software. hope this helps.

  • Pedro Carapina

    Very nice, thanks! 13.xy

  • eric

    bugs alert! You cannot login as shell

  • tritrongpham

    very good, it works for me, thanks a lot

  • james

    Why do you use images rather than selectable text? I get that “sudo apt-get blah” isn’t that hard to retype, but it’s an odd decision

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  • sotrh

    Great tutorial. A simple concept presented simply: just 4 steps, and no unnecessary explanations. Worked like a charm for me.

  • FrEaK

    Even in 14.04 it work’s like a charm. Great!

  • nidhin

    thanks for the amazing tool…