Change Ubuntu Wallpapers Automatically

Change Ubuntu Wallpapers AutomaticallyChanging the wallpapers on your desktop automatically is a nice way to show off your snapshots of the family, or perhaps you simply like to switch things up a little bit, There is a tone of cool wallpapers out there that you can add to your desktop. Your desktop can say a lot about you as a user, perhaps your a big gamer, so what ever your reason is you will love this little program for Ubuntu that will change Ubuntu’s wallpapers automatically for you. This program will also download wallpapers for you if you wish, you will need to play around with the settings to get it set to your liking, below is simple settings that will allow you to randomly show your photos or wallpapers on your desktop, however you may wish to use the other features that come with this program.

Change Ubuntu Wallpapers Automatically.

Install Wally

1. Open the Terminal (CTRL-ALT-T)


2. Enter The Command.

$ sudo apt-get install wally

3. Enter sudo password.

$ sudo apt-get install wally
[sudo] password for user:

4. Enter Y to continue.

Do you want to continue [Y/n]?

5. Start Wally.

  • Press (ALT+F2) to open unity.
  • Search for “wally” and click the icon.
  • A new icon will appear in top right side.

Set up Wally

6. Edit Wally Settings.

  • Right click the wally icon in top right corner.
  • Left click settings.
  • The Wally settings window will appear.
  • Change Position: to “Scaled” (Top Right)
  • Check “Choose in random order”
  • Check “Play automatically on application start”
  • Check “Disable splash screen”
  • Check “Use full desktop area”
  • In left pan click “Folders”
  • Click the add folder icon on the right just below the position settings.
  • navigate to your Pictures folder and create new folder named Wallpapers.
  • click OK and OK once again to except and close the settings window.
Change Ubuntu Wallpapers Automatically

7. Add your photos or wallpapers

  • Find your favourite wallpapers and put them in /home/(yourusername)/Pictures/Wallpapers.

Enjoy Wally

8. Start Wally

  • Right click the wally icon.
  • Left click “Play”

Your wallpaper on the desktop will automatically change following these basic settings.

Congratulations! you have just installed Wally in Ubuntu! enjoy

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