Auto Start Applications in Mint Linux

Auto Start Applications - Mint
With The Cinnamon Desktop, Having your system boot up and open or start programs for you is extremely handy, Imagine upon start up of your system you could have your favorite text editor automatically open up to a specific text doc or even a new blank one. Perhaps you do a lot of html or other programming so you would have that start up automatically for you. Like in windows, you can place a program shortcut in a start up folder for running a program automatically when the system starts. In Linux Mint, you can do the same in this way:

Having your system start programs for you at login can be very convenient, however be careful of how many and what you have start up automatically at start up, this could increase your boot time, so be careful how may programs you automatically start.

Auto Start Applications – Mint


1. Startup Applications.

Go To Applications > System Tools > Preferences > Startup Applications

2. Create New Rule.

On the right side click the “Add” button to create a new rule.

3. Name the Rule

Enter a name and comment for the rule to alow for easy identification in the startup list.

4. Browse for file

Click black and white brows button to the right of command and navigate to File System > usr > bin, where programs are usually installed. In this case we chose Thunar which is a file browser and will now automaticle start up each time you login. Click OK to except the command.

5. Click the “ADD” button

followed by the “Close” button.

6. Check for a new entry in the list.

Check if the program runs automatically by logging out and back to the system.

Congratulations! you have just setup an application to auto start in Linux Mint

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